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Psychopy Workshop

Week One: Python Materials 

Week one of the Psychopy workshop taught participants the conceptual basics of programming.

The materials are broken down into one folder per day. In each folder will be a .py file (python file) that has the written materials for the day, a python file for the problem set to work on, and the solutions.

These files are viewable within the browser at the below links or may be downloaded to view in a text editor such as Atom, Notepad ++, Vim, or Sublime Text.

Day One: Variables

The first day included an introduction to the concept of programming, some basic information about computers, and the use of variables for data management and organization. It is available at this link.

Day Two: Statements

This day we covered how to use mathematical and logical operators to create mathematical statements. These were used in our first look at control flow with the introduction of if-then statements. It is available at this link.

Day Three: Advanced Control Flow

We looked at how more advanced ways of controlling and organizing our code. Specifically, we learned how to implement for-loops on lists and while-loops. It is available at this link.

Day Four: Functions

We had used built-in functions throughout the workshop so far. On day four, we learned how to define and use our own functions to further simplify our code. It is available at this link.

Day Five: Practice Problems

On day five, I gave participants a project to work on that would require all of the concepts covered so far. Participants were asked to create a number guessing game in which players have 5 tries to guess a random number between 0-10. You can access the problem description, start code, and solution at this link.

Week 2: Psychopy Materials

Links to Psychopy Workshop Session Recordings

The session recordings of the Psychopy workshop are available on Google Drive at the following links 

Monday, August 3: Python Variables

Tuesday, August 4: Python Statements

Wednesday, August 4: Python Loops

Thursday, August 5: Python Functions

Friday, August 6: Python Project

Monday, August 10: Psychopy Intro and Stimuli Presentation

Tuesday, August 11: Psychopy Trial Loops and Input Files

Wednesday, August 12: Psychopy Nested Loops

Thursday, August 13: Psychopy Adaptive Experiment

Friday, August 14: Psychopy Upload Experiment Online

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